Tri-fectait Door Installations

We have got doors of different models and different types that we have imported from America, Japan, and China. The doors are of high quality and effective irrespective of the environmental conditions within the surrounding of any company or even residence in Vegas. We have got all types of doors ranging from garage doors to office doors, and we do installations of these doors to our customers in Vegas and also the surrounding regions who may be in need of our services.

We do both commercial and residential doors installations and because most of our doors are somehow technical in nature, we have got specialists with us who give directives to our customers on how each door operates. All our door installation services have a one-year warranty, and this simply puts our customers in a comfortable position with no worries of any additional expense in case any problem is encountered.

We have got doors made of different materials, some from glasses, some from aluminum, and others are also designed from wood. Most of our doors also have additional fittings and decorations, especially the wooden doors, which make them attractive, and therefore they outdo most of the wooden door within the market.

Tri-fectait door repairs

This is also another area in which our company is specialized on, and we have got well-trained specialists to handle this sector. We have done door repairs to many institutions in Vegas over the years, and our company is among the best in the casino games We do repairs for commercial doors, their office doors, and also the garage doors, whereby we are well comfortable repairing all the types of garage doors, be it the overhead, the sliding, and any other that your company might have installed. We also do repairs for residential doors whereby we offer door to door services to our customers 24/7. All our details are on our website, and in case you may be in need of our repair services then you can contact us, and within no time, our specialists will avail themselves.

We have dealt with a lot of cases concerning repairs, and we have been doing repairs of each and every component of automatic doors in most cases. We have got spare parts which we get from outside the country, and they are of the best quality the same as our doors.          

Tri-fectait door replacements

We have got an easy time doing replacements because all that we need for replacement are available with us, and we do not need to somehow purchase them from anywhere in Vegas. It is from Itle Bens Doors that we get the replacement parts of every size and every type and our supply is always steady, and therefore no inconvenience is involved.

We can replace whatever part is damaged on your door, but in case your door is tampered with in such a way that everything on it needs replacement, then we would advise that you better have a new door installed instead of replacing everything. We would refer you to Fecado Doors Company for better doors, and we usually make arrangements for our customers to have the doors installed for them without them troubling themselves looking for this company. However, we advise that you should try as much as possible to avoid doing the repairs to an automatic door by yourself in case you are not a specialist. Doing this may even worsen the situation, and instead of making replacements of damaged parts, the whole door will have to be taken down and a new one installed.

 Tri-fectait garage doors

We deal on both commercial and residential garage doors whereby we install, repair, and replace each and every type of garage door. With respect to this, we have got a platform whereby exhibitions and displays of models of garage doors are being done, people from different regions come up with different projects that consist of models of garage doors of different designs that are not yet existing in the market. From the models, we choose the best, and anyone whose model is considered among the best gets to be promoted by our company and gets enrolled among the staff in the category of design management.

After making decisions on the best models, we present them to our garage doors suppliers outside the country. They then turn the model into reality, and then a new generation is born with garage doors that operate differently and make your business more of fashion and attractive.

Tri-fectait and Casinos

Over the years, we have had very many casinos benefiting from our services in Vegas, and they have been our potential customers. We have signed contracts with some casinos in Vegas, whereby at the end of every month, we go and inspect their doors and notify them in case there is any servicing to be done to any of their doors. We inform them in case there are new designs brought into the market, and they have got our first priority. Casino businesses play a big part in our advertisement campaigns. This is because they are among the world’s biggest businesses today and therefore it is a tall order for our company to use them to advertise our services.

We have been working with Royal Vegas, Live Casino, and Blackjack for a long period and right now what is in our mind is to attract more casino companies, not only in Vegas but also in other countries and we are looking forward to engaging in international dealings with the casino companies.