About us

Tri- fectait is a company in Vegas that deals on door installations, repairs and replacements. The name Tri-fectait comes about since it was established as a result of the partnership of three different companies, Fecado Doors Company, Taron Repairs, and Itle Bens Doors. The companies are managed by Fecado James, Taron Harrison, and Itle Ben, respectively, being among the best within their respective nations.

The three had studied in the same university and pursuing the same course in Business Management, and during this period, the idea of a partnership came about. The three decided that since they had the desire to serve the whole of Vegas in terms of door installations, repairs, and replacements, they would have each one of them running his company in different regions but working interdependently. They knew that this would help them to expand their market and also making them fit for competition in the market.